Monday, March 10, 2014


CustomFit makes custom patterns for hand-knit sweaters. It takes your choices, your body, and your hand-knit fabric and produces a pattern perfectly suited to you.CustomFit makes a sweater that is the correct size. From hem to neck, and everything in between.

We're ready to go. I've finished my first CustomFit sweater and am almost finished a cardigan. Now it's your turn. I'm offering evening sessions and Friday morning sessions for you to come in and be measured. The store is closed on Mondays starting in April so I can make Monday appointments as well. We will also talk about yarn choice and your swatch.

The price ($40) includes
  • a 45 minute personal session to have your measurements done
  • your first CustomFit pattern
  • 10% off coupon towards the yarn for your CustomFit garment
You can set up your own account at home if you want. Just remember, you need someone to help you with your measurements. Please do not take your own measurements. Also, I've made patterns, spent time with Amy and have had a conference call with Amy on CustomFit. There are a few tricks that you might not catch until after your pattern is generated. My first pattern I had the V-neck starting in the wrong place. I can help you with these.

Once your measurements are done it doesn't take long to make a pattern for you - about 10 minutes. Just call to make sure I'm in the store and bring me your swatch. The pattern is $15 and we will give you 10% off the yarn to go with that pattern.

CustomFit is Not Just a Sweater Pattern Generator
When we put on clothes that don’t quite fit, it reinforces the ubiquitous message that there’s something wrong with our bodies. Since this is a daily occurrence for most women, the notion that we’re wrong is deeply and subconsciously held. Custom designed clothing is a wonderful antidote to all of those feelings. Since it’s created for us personally, it gives us the message that our bodies are right. As knitters, we technically have the ability to make great custom clothes... ...but we are often too intimidated. CustomFit changes that.
CustomFit is about helping knitters everywhere get clothing that makes them feel amazing. We knit for lots of reasons: It’s relaxing, the feel of the yarn running through our fingers is fantastic, it keeps our hands busy......but once the intimidation is taken out of the process of knitting a sweater? We can get the knitting experience we want, and the best-­‐fitting clothes we’ve ever had.

If you don't want to customize a garment, Amy has 6 patterns ready to go.
We enter your measurements and the dimensions of your tension swatch. In about 15 seconds we can hit print and you have a pattern.
These are the easiest garments to create. We can customize garments as well. The possibilities are endless.

  • neckline - narrow, average, wide
  • sleeves - tapered, straight, bell
  • sleeve length
  • hem length
  • width of borders
I suggest that you make your first garment in plain stocking stitch. A bit boring but this lets you understand how the program works. You see how the shaping happens. Then on your next garment you can add in a cable or lace or stitch pattern.

Questions? Come by the store or give me a call.

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