Friday, March 22, 2013

We're Here

It was about 10 last night when I decided what I was going to knit with the Summerspun.
Lady Irmelin-a pattern I bought on Ravelry.

There wasn't time to cast on so I put 24 stitches on my needles and did 4 rows of stocking stitch. Beth asked if I was swatching. No. If you go through airport security with nothing on your needles they are more likely to take them.

Beth and I flew out of Niagara Falls, NY at 1:15 today. You never know how the border is going to be so we left at 10. The border wasn't bad but there wasn't enough time to go to the outlet mall. Unfortunately there wasn't wifi in the airport or I could have blogged-I had lots of time. Instead I cast on for the left front. I got a bit done on the flight but am part way through the row so I will get a picture tomorrow.

Nancy (one of our friends who also does our lawn) picked us up at the airport. She visited for about an hour and as she was leaving Tina (another friend who looks after cleaning our house) stopped by. We finally got in the truck to head out for dinner when we saw Carl (one of my parent's neighbours) coming out of his house so we stopped to say hi. It was almost 3 hours from getting to our house until we got to the restaurant. Then stops at Martins (a huge golf store-of course I have a new pair of golf shoes that are so cute), World Market (a store where we got our dining room table) so that we could get another chair for the dining room, Pier 1, gas and then Chick-fil-A for milkshakes on the way home. We made a quick stop at my parent's house to make sure all was good there and then home. It's time to put our feet up and rest. It's been a long day. We taped Fashion Star before heading out so we're going to watch and get some knitting done. There is a long list of chores for tomorrow but those will be scrapped if it is nice weather. :)

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