Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Lonely Tree

It's almost done. The knitting is finished and I am doing the cast off. That should be done tomorrow. Then a good blocking over the weekend.

The picot cast off. Haymarket is great to work with. More colours should be coming very soon-maybe next week.

It was nice being able to take my friend outside at 5:30 and still have enough light to get a picture.

Hi - this is Beth - guest blogger. Julie is currently casting on another project for me - yay!  I think she might have been happier when I wasn't knitting, as she now spends a lot of time casting on, fixing my mistakes, casting off, and sewing in ends.  Yes, I know that I should learn to do these things myself, but it is much faster (and looks a lot better) if Julie does these things for me.  I would feel bad about the extra work she has to do, but then I remember that next month I will be hauling half her store to The Knitter's Frolic and back again. That has to be worth a little bit of knitting help - right?

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Anonymous said...

Guest blogger Beth didn't tell us what her knitting project is. Julie you should be happy she is sharing your love of knitting. I have three sister and none have any interest in knitting.