Friday, March 08, 2013

Scarves, Shrugs & Shawls

My Edge is home with a new window. And really clean-thanks to Mohawk Ford for washing it. Thanks for everyones comments yesterday. I'm not as mad today.

Mr. UPS just brought a box in from Rowan with a new book. This is the North American cover of the book. When you look at the Rowan website it looks different. The patterns are all the same.
If you love to knit and want to find some great designs that help you to improve your skills, look no further! Sarah Hatton has created 22 fantastic projects where you can play to your hearts content with different stitches and a range of beautiful Rowan yarns to create a wardrobe of fantastic knits to accessorize with: scarves, stoles, shrugs, shawls and more.
Here are a few of the designs
Chevron Scarf
Knit this lacy chevron scarf from Knitted Scarves & Accessories. A design by Sarah Hatton using Felted Tweed DK, a beautiful blend of merino wool, alpaca and viscose, in clever colour combinations.
Looped Scarf
A design by Sarah Hatton using our luxurious yarn, Lima this scarf is worked in box stitch and joined to form a continuous loop.
I didn't get much time to flip through the book but Kim did. She said that there were many in the book that she liked.

Beth's Inspira Cowl is done. Blocked. Ends sewn in. Done. She is very proud of herself. There are comments thrown around like 'I'm really good at this.' I think we are making her into a knitter. She now has two projects on the go. Another Inspira Cowl that she took to Myrtle Beach and a Linen Stitch Scarf. I asked her if she knit in Myrtle Beach and she said 'not a lot but I knit on the plane coming home'. Who is this person?? She has had access to yarn for 25 years. Actually more than that because mom and I always had yarn at home.

The Lonely Tree Shawl is still lonely. I haven't picked it up in days. I planned to but the store has been busy. I'm not complaining. I would be more than happy to have it not finished for the Frolic. :)

At home there are three projects on the go. My Rowan All Seasons Chunky sweater and two Linen Stitch Scarves. One scarf is in tosh dk. I wanted it done for the Frolic but it doesn't look like we will have the colours so it is on the back shelf. The other one is in Malabrigo Rastita. I'm about half way done. I have to get that one done because Kim made kits for it today.

It's home time. Beth is making pizza and then I can knit. We watched more episodes of The Mentalist last night. I bought Season 5 and we are almost to the point where we will be caught up with what is on TV. I need to find another TV series. NCIS is on DVD in Myrtle Beach so I don't want to buy it here. Any suggestions? I need to be able to purchase it on iTunes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
We have Netflix.....some great series on that. Breaking Bad, Big C, 24 (194 episodes!!) to name a few. Can't beat it for $8 a month.

Rhonda said...

My new favorites shows are Arrow, The Following, Person of Interest.

Wannietta said...

I do agree with Trina about Netflix. And Beth - I love your cowl!! Great colours!

Anonymous said...

The good wife is good. I got hooked on jag from years ago.
I think it's great your sister is knitting. A plus to have a great sister to help. Her garments are beautiful. Can hardly wait to see what's next for her!