Monday, March 18, 2013

Royal Petite Kits

Kim has gone Inspira Cowl crazy.
This is Noro Aya (discontinued but we have some left) which is cotton, silk and wool. Instead of using two colours she is using the same colour but started the two balls at different spots. A great idea and looks fabulous. The Noro Ayatori will work as well which is a wool/silk blend with lots of amazing colours-here are a few of my favourites.

Mr. Canada Post brought in a huge box from Blue Sky Alpacas which included these cute kits. Two balls of Royal Petites (100% alpaca) and a pattern. There are 5 different patterns to choose from (I forgot to order kits for the Buckingham and Westminster Hat) and lots of colour choices.

Here are some yarn bowl pictures.

I ran down the street to The Quilt Rack to see what was new. I bought a Kaffe Fassett fabric for my quilt. Now I'm excited and think that I might plug in the sewing machine tonight. I broke the needle in my machine in the summer and haven't looked at my quilting since. I think it's time.

While we are on the subject of quilting-when I was cleaning up my closet I found some really old jeans that shouldn't be worn any more. A customer once told me that she collected old jeans and made a jean quilt. What a great idea. If you have any old jeans, I don't care about the condition, that you want to get rid of please drop them off in the store. I will put them to good use.

Top Chef Canada starts tonight. I wouldn't eat most of the food they make but I can't get enough of Top Chef.

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Lois Evensen said...

I really like that stitch for the cowl.