Monday, March 04, 2013


Mr. Canada Post brought in a box from Pollika today. Lots of wooden shawl pins. Here is a sample.

We also received bundles of fleece.
6 different color combinations containing 7 Wonderwool colors for Wet or Needle Felting

These are two of the five bundles we have.

Beth made it home safely. It was really cold in Myrtle Beach so there was one round of golf and then they did chores. Here are a few pictures she emailed me once she got home. Data roaming in the US is a lot and it is free from our house in Ancaster. :)
This is the wall in our dining room. My dad is in his element when he has tools in his hands.

We bought these at One of a Kind (coming up again in a few weeks-I'm saving my pennies) but dad wanted one of us there before he hung them.

They ended up with one tree left over so now we need more houses to go on the side wall.
It's knitting/TV time. Grey's Anatomy. Celebrity Apprentice. I will put on a bandaid before I start tonight. No more accidents.

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