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Monday, March 11, 2013

Kate Atherley

We are happy to announce some upcoming classes with Kate Atherley. In case you didn't receive our latest newsletter (sent out this morning) here is the workshops we are offering.

Kate is an amazing teacher and knitting book author who will open your eyes to different knitting techniques. Don't wait to register. Kate's classes always fill up quickly.

You can drop by the store to register or call with a credit card number
(905) 649-1994

Please note:

  • Class size is limited
  • We ask you to pay for the class in advance, either in person or over the phone
  • Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Saturday, May 4
Two Socks in One: The War and Peace Method    
Suffering from Second Sock Syndrome? Bored with your usual way of knitting socks? Looking for a way to impress your friends and challenge yourself? Learn to knit two socks at the same time - one inside the other, on the same set of needles! This class will expand your skills, and add an excellent new trick to your repertoire.
class details: Using 2 colours of worsted weight yarn, I show how to cast on and work two complete, separate socks at the same time, on the same set of needles. We work a sample size sock in the class, and I provide a pattern for use with fingering weight yarn.
skill level: advanced; students must be proficient sock knitters 

Short Row Skills
"Wrap and Turn" is not a dance move, it's a fabulous way to create shapes with your knitting. Short rows are used for sock heels, they're common in shawls to create curves (as seen in the currently popular pattern Color Affection), and to create ruffles. In this class we'll discuss three or four common methods of working short rows (and hiding them, just as important!). We'll discuss their use in bust shaping to custom fit a garment and we'll share a no-fail recipe for a tidy and elegant short row sock heel. Last but not least, we'll show you how to convert a shaped garment shoulder to use short rows for easier seaming.
class details: We work through a few examples of different ways of creating short rows: a simple turn, the classic wrap and turn, pinned and the Japanese variant; we demonstrate how to hide the wraps and discuss when not to. We work a mini version of a short-row sock heel, I demonstrate how to create bust shaping, and we work step-by-step through an example of converting a cast-off shoulder to a short-row shoulder.
skill level: advanced beginner/intermediate

Saturday, May 25
DPNs, Magic Loop and Two Circulars: Options for Working in the Round
There are four ways to knit in the round: on double-pointed needles, on circular needles, on magic loop, and with two circular needles.  This class will demonstrate the four techniques, and show you how to easily convert projects patterns from one style to another.  The focus will be on small circumference pieces like socks, mittens and sleeves. We'll share tips & techniques for knitting in the round on any style of needles, and for any project.
skill level: all levels

Designing Your Own Custom-Fit Socks  
Liberate yourself from pattern books! Learn how to create a top-down or toe-up sock pattern for any yarn, and for any foot, and how to make your own design customizations like pattern stitches and colourwork.
class details: Kate shows how to create a custom-fit sock pattern for any foot and any yarn, using gauge information and two key measurements (ankle circumference and foot length). Kate covers both top-down and toe-up styles. The basic top-down pattern template uses a band heel with a gusset. The basic toe-up template uses a short-row heel with gusset. She'll cover how to modify the basic templates for special fit needs -- for wide or narrow ankles, for very pointy or wide toes, for knee & over-the-knee lengths -- and for pattern stitches and colourwork. She'll also discuss choosing yarns for socks -- what to look for in a yarn that's not specifically designed for socks.
skill level: knitters must have worked at least one pair of socks 

Fearless Finishing
This two-hour workshop teaches all the key skills for assembling and finishing your knitting projects: seaming (including grafting), picking up stitches for necklines, weaving in ends, and the advantages and disadvantages of various cast-off techniques. The focus will be very much on making finishing as quick and painless as possible - we'll share all the cheats and shortcuts we know. We'll also demystify blocking, and talk about the proper care of your knits.
class details: I cover seaming - mattress stitch, invisible horizontal, and invisible vertical-to-horizontal for setting in sleeves; three needle bind-off and grafting - how and also where and where not to use them. I demo picking up stitches and weaving in ends, and talk about blocking - how and why. I provide expert tips like how to cast off best for easy finishing (loosely, in pattern), how and when to modify patterns to reduce finishing (working the body of a sweater in the round, for example), and how to reduce the stress (e.g. put the shoulders together and work the neckline before you work the sleeve - actually helps you better fit the sleeves).
skill level: all levels

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