Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Is it Spring yet?

It is a beautiful day in Ancaster. The sun is shining and it almost feels like spring. We have new spring flags hanging out front.
Because of the weather I decided we needed to change the sweaters throughout the store. That means redressing the mannequins. I made a quick trip to Fortinos to buy some new Joe Fresh clothes. We have some summery colours now.
One friend is redressed in a bright lime/yellow colour. You can't miss her when you walk down the hall. Tomorrow more friends will have new outfits. 

Good news. The yarn bowls are on their way to South Carolina. Mom and dad will be bringing them home around March 16. Not too long of a wait now.
 There are 24 bowls coming in total.
 If we have any left I will be taking them to the Frolic with us.
Kim's working with me today and I mentioned the bowls. She said that they also make a good candle holder. Great idea but I have enough yarn that I need about 20 bowls. :) No room for candles.

I was a travel agent for part of the day. Rooms needed to be booked for TNNA in Columbus in June. Yes, March has just arrived but rooms can be tough to get at the group rate. I made the executive decision that we were going to try a new hotel this year. Literally a new hotel-it was just built. We have stayed at the Crown Plaza for over 10 years but this one is new and much closer so this year we are staying at the Hilton. Getting the reservation done took a while. I could get a room (at the group rate) for Friday, Saturday and Monday. Sunday was sold out. Not the hotel, just the group rate so they wanted double for that night. I don't think so. I was on the general booking number for The Hilton so I said 'no thank you' and then tried the actual hotel. After 20 minutes I got them talked into giving me the group rate for every night. I did feel very proud of myself. I was so pleasant on the phone it was hard to believe it was me.

Then I booked plane tickets for Myrtle Beach. Beth and I are running away in two weeks for the weekend. We need to work out some things with the carpenter for our sun room. And it will be nice to get away. I haven't seen the house since July. We are flying out of Niagara Falls, NY on a direct flight (goodie) but the flight times aren't great. We get into Myrtle around 3pm. No golf that day. And we leave at 10am on Monday morning. You have to take the good with the bad I guess.

After work Beth and I went to Costco because Beth's membership was about to run out. We bought a bed for the dogs.
Roko likes the bed. Melo not so much. He's sticking with this.

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Samantha said...

I love the Kirkland dog beds. Dozer has one and my Mom's dog has two of them. We're going to need to buy a 2nd one soon!

The flags are lovely. I imagine with all the sun shining yesterday the birds were in full on chirp mode too! It's beginning to look a lot like Spring. Hopefully March isn't teasing us!!