Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring

Can you believe that it is the first day of spring? Someone commented that it was hot on the first day of spring last year. Then I remembered that Beth and I did golf during March break last year. I just looked through my old blog posts and on March 19 Beth and I visited Copetown Woods for 18 holes and if I recall it was hot out. Where is that weather?

Kim came into work this morning wearing her new Inspira Cowl. It looks great.
This picture doesn't do it any justice but none of my girls would go outside for a picture. They said it was too cold. Kim used 2.5 balls of Noro Aya.

I just talked with the ladies at Dream in Color and the yarn is being shipped today which means maybe Friday, maybe Monday.

Here is a free pattern for the Smooshy with Cashmere-14 colours are in the shipment.

Download on Ravelry...
Last night Beth and I visited a quilt shop in Brantford. Red Red Bobbin Quilt Shop. Louise and Jim were amazing. The shop is in their house (I think you might say it has taken over their house) and there are many rooms of fabric. Kaffe Fassett. Tula Pink. More Kaffe Fassett. Brandon Mably. Philip Jacobs. And many, many more designer fabrics.

Their website is
They have two Longarm machines-this is the small one. If you aren't a quilter then you might not know what Longarm quilting is. From Wikipedia
Longarm quilting is the process by which a longarm sewing machine is used to sew together a quilt top, quilt batting and quilt backing into a finished quilt. The longarm sewing machine typically ranges from 10 to 14 feet in length (or, 3metres to 4.25 metres). One typically consists of an industrial sewing machine, a 10 to 14-foot table, and several rollers on which the fabric layers are placed.

We had to walk through the shop a few times because there is so much to see.

 Lots of finished quilts on display.
If you are a quilter then I would highly recommend visiting the store. Jane has been talking about it for awhile. You won't be disappointed.
 We bought the fabric for the pillows for the sun room. Now the colour of the wall has to change.
From Tula Pink's Nightshade Collection.
Nightshade captures the spirit of Halloween with a sinister kind of elegance. In classic Tula Pink fashion this is no ordinary Halloween collection. You may stumble upon a little midnight magic, the occasional raven concealed in a tangle of lace, rows of apothecary jars filled with mysterious concoctions or a garden of flowers that may be just as deadly as it is beautiful. Along the meandering path of Nightshade nothing is what it seems and every turn holds a new possibility. 
I knew that I wanted the two purple shades. Not for the sun room but for me. When Beth saw them she said she liked them. I didn't twist her arm. When I laid out the two greens she was sold. I didn't twist her arm. But I was very happy inside.
Now you can see that the yellow won't go. The bench cushions are going to be a light aqua colour that is in both the purple and green flowered fabrics.

It is going to rain all weekend in Myrtle which will give us time to run errands. Picking out tiles will be one. Now that we have all the other colours decided it should be easy. LOL! I'm going to pick the really expensive tiles and Beth will veto me. Then we can pick the paint colour. We're thinking almost white with a touch of the aqua. Not much. This can change by Saturday afternoon.

Survivor tonight. From the commercials I see that they are switching up the teams. More drama I hope. :)

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