Friday, March 29, 2013

Another Finished Project

Beth and I had fun at One of a Kind last night. We were being good (no purchases) until we passed a booth that sells leather purses. I have bought from Matteo Mio before and we stopped to see what they had. Beth saw this bag first and proclaimed that I needed it.

The leather is amazing with a purple, brown, reddish tone to it.

The next stop was at Creations d'Octobre. We have three houses hanging on the dining room wall in Myrtle Beach and picked up two more for the side wall.
At Christmas a customer gave me the cutest card from a company called Little Big Words. When I was reading the show brochure I saw that they were there. Kelli had some great cards (we came home with 8) and she is going to custom make me Sheep Thank You cards.

Today has been busy so far which is why I'm late posting. I was up early for church and have been going the rest of the day. No nap which is a bit sad. The back yard is now clean for the dogs to play and they were happy to be outside most of the day in the beautiful weather. Criminal Minds, CSI and Grey's Anatomy kept me company while I worked on the linen stitch scarf. Five rows to go.

I also blocked The Lonely Tree Shawl. This is before it's bath. The leaves are a bit bunched and should be lying flat.

Yuzu Soak again today. My kitchen smells really good.
I laid it out on the porch and with the sun it dried in record time. So fast that I didn't get it pinned out with my blocking wires. I will take a look at it tomorrow and might block it again if I think it needs it.

The yarn blocks beautifully. My leaves are flat now.

If you are looking for a worsted/aran weight yarn for a project I would highly recommend Haymarket. 
All done except for a few ends to sew in. 

College basketball is on and I'm going to try and get a few rows of my scarf done. I said it would be finished this week and I'm going to make it.


Wannietta Kirkpatrick said...

I used to go to the One of a Kind show ... I need to start going again. I always found something fabulous!

Lady Jane said...

I love your shawl and the colors are beautiful... Neat pocketbook...