Monday, October 01, 2012

Trend Alert-Textured Knit

I made a quick trip to Mississauga this afternoon. For the past month Beth has been helping me packing and unpacking for shows. Something that makes her happy is having a bath with Lush bubble bath. She ran out a few weeks ago so today I went to Square One and came home with two bags full of Lush for her. She is going to be a happy camper this evening.

This was a sign I saw while wondering in the mall. People were looking at me funny when I was taking this
We are trending!!

Here is the project that I started on Saturday evening. I am using three colours of tosh dk. 

The Churchmouse Yarns Linen Stitch Scarf knit in a thicker yarn, on bigger needles with no fringes. 

My yardage is a bit short of what the pattern is asking for. When I get a bit further I will know if I am really going to be short. My scarf might be an inch narrower than the sample. We'll worry about that when I get there early next week.

When I said that I was going to knit this in time for the Woodstock Fleece Festival Beth started laughing. To quote her 'there is no way you are going to be able to finish a linen stitch scarf in two weeks.' Doing linen stitch on 7mm needles is quite enjoyable. I'm finding it very relaxing.
Did you watch The Amazing Race last night? My pick was the rocker and the lawyer. They seem like nice guys. Beth thought she was going to pick the Chippendale's (why wouldn't you?) but then they opened their mouths. She hasn't picked a new team yet-she is waiting until next week.

There won't be any knitting tonight (which isn't a good thing when there is a deadline) because we are going to watch our friend's grandson play hockey in Hamilton. We have been saying for years that we would go see him play (they live in Toronto) so when it's in our backyard we really can't say no.

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Lois Evensen said...

I love seeing all of your various projects. The linen stitch is cool.