Monday, October 08, 2012


We have a new scarf yarn in the store from Estelle Designs called Oasis.

50% acrylic
30% nylon
20% mohair

It takes 2 skeins for a scarf.

As I was making the scarf I took some pictures.

There is no need to roll the skein into a ball before you start.

I picked up my stitches along the end of the yarn.
I knit the third stitch first (pretend the first two stitches aren't there) and leave the stitch on the needle. Then you go back to the first stitch and knit it (slipping it off) and then the second stitch and slip it off. Now you have 3 stitches on your right hand needle. The last loop on the left hand needle can be dropped off because it has already been knit - you won't lose anything.
Then you take the far right stitch and take it over the other two stitches like a cast off (2 stitches left) then take the far right stitch over and off like a cast off and you have one stitch left.
 When you are down to one stitch it looks a bit like a knot.
This is what the top edge looks like.

You then pick up two more stitches and start again.

It doesn't take long to make the scarf.
When I came to the last stitch I folded over the end of the yarn. I used the bottom corner of the yarn (the piece that is the far right in the picture) to knit the last stitch.

 After casting off there is one stitch left.
I put a temporary piece of yarn through that last stitch. When I get to work tomorrow I will put through a piece of yarn that is the right colour. Then I will sew that piece of yarn into the end of the scarf so it doesn't show. The scarf can't unravel and the ends are all buried.

The scarf is a great length and there are lots of ruffles in the scarf by doing it this way.

Think of the great gifts this scarf will make.

I almost hit publish and realized that I forgot to show you the colours.

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Lois Evensen said...

How fun! That's pretty cool, er, uh, I guess it'll be warm! ;)