Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Patterns

This morning I ordered the new patterns from Churchmouse Yarns. They are leaving Seattle on Monday and should be here the following week. To get you excited here is a sneak peek.

 Smocked Lace Wrap and Shrug

 Cozy Boot Cuffs

Ruched Wrap
Wooly Wreath

There is a new book from Noro in the store featuring designs from Jane Ellison.

 Ife knit in Haniwa
Mercy also in Haniwa.

Beth Casey (owner of Lorna's Laces) sent some pictures today of her dying some special yarn for us. Check out the Knitting Camp blog to see what she made.

Was it really that hard to find the immunity idol on Survivor? I had it figured out the first time they showed the rice basket. I pointed it out to Beth and told her it was the idol. She said I was wrong-I wasn't. 

The first baseball game is almost done (I'm very happy with the result) and I think I can get last night's Criminal Minds in before the next game starts.

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ana said...

the smocked lace looks lovely! and i could look at noro all day...