Thursday, October 11, 2012

Linen Stitch Scarf is Done

My Linen Stitch Scarf is done.
This is the addendum to the Churchmouse Linen Stitch Scarf.

I used 3 skeins of tosh dk and 7mm needles. The pattern says to knit to 12" wide but I ran out of yarn at 8.5". If you want to make it wider then you will need 6 skeins but I think it looks great at this width. The next one I knit will be 12" so that you can see which you like better.
Lynda just finished the scarf using tosh merino dk. I should have it next week-I can't wait to see how her colours turned out.
Nick (Mr. Canpar) brought in a box filled with new colours of Malabrigo Sock. The shipment has been divided so that some skeins of  the colours are in the store and we are taking the rest to the Woodstock Fleece Festival.
870 Candombe
857 Light of Love
855 Aguas
856 Azules
120 Lotus
139 Pocion
866 Arco Iris
128 Fresco Y Seco
863 Zarzamora

The store is in complete chaos and there isn't anything I can do about it until we get the van tomorrow morning. Oh well. There is baseball on my TV (all day) and I am going to knit another sample scarf (not linen stitch) for Saturday. The first game just ended and I am over half way through the scarf. It is Rumba from Filatura di Crosa. I have already knit a scarf in one ball and now I am doing a two ball scarf. The yarn has holes along the top and you knit through the holes (like the frilly scarves that came out last year). The picture I took of the scarf doesn't look good-will get one tomorrow when it is finished. Here is a close up of the yarn knit.

How about Survivor last night? One team is very inept. The finale of Great Food Truck Race was last night as well. I was very happy with the outcome but both teams were likeable. We also made it most of the way through X-Factor. How long does it take to paint your face and leg with that design every day? When Demi was giving her advice last night I was hoping she would tell her to get rid of the black marks.

It's time to pour a cup of tea and get back to my knitting.

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