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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lesson Learned

I hadn't planned on showing the Linen Stitch Scarf until tomorrow. I was knitting away last night and got a bit rough with my needles. Okay, really rough and broke the cord. I had to knit it onto another needle (thank goodness I had another one here or I would have been making a trip to the store) so while it was spread over two needles I laid it out. Unfortunately it was at 11pm so I couldn't go outside.

I learned a lesson. Make sure that I have two needles of every size. You might think that you want to get rid of those old needles from you mother, sister, neighbour but it might be worth keeping them around just in case.

I learned another lesson as well-be gentle with my needles. :)

Last week I told you about some new bags coming from Offhand Designs. I only had fabric swatches for a few. Offhand Designs just added pictures of the actual bags to their website which make a big difference to seeing how they are going to look.

Gilroy-Offhand Designs is already sold out of this bag so we can't get another when it sells.

Choosing which is coming home with me is going to be tough. Three are the colours of my house and you can't go wrong with black and white. These are all great fabrics!!

Beth and I are playing Fantasy Football again this year. It started out great. We won the first three weeks but the last three weeks have been awful. We are down to 3-3. We debate who to play and have been picking the wrong people. Last week we could have won which makes me mad. I hate to lose! As I am writing this we are discussing who to play this week. I wish we had a genie who could give us the answers. :) I've been searching websites for answers and we are waiting for the football pregame shows to tell us what to do. The pressure.

Beth won and I changed the team. I hope she is right.

Revenge tonight. I can't wait! Now it's knitting time. I have to get a lot accomplished today if I'm going to reach my goal.

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Lois Evensen said...

Oh, yes, I know how it feels to break a needle while working on a project. I, too, keep multiple needles in each size. Also, when I want to put a project down for awhile and start another that might be needed quickly, I have extra needles for that newer project. OK, I'll admit it. I'm a needle junkie. I collect as many as I can and I have quite a few in my collection from when I was in the third grade and learned to knit. ;)

Your scarf looks really cool.