Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Happy Birthday

Today is Roko's 6th birthday. It is amazing what a good boy he has grown up to be. When we got him he had a lot of energy (with trouble following him) and I told Beth that he was going back if he started chewing on any of my shoes. We still have him-he has never even looked at a pair of shoes. There has been one or two run ins with a ball of yarn but he only wants to carry it around-there is no damage done. And he only picks the really expensive stuff.

Mr. UPS just dropped off a box from Berroco that was filled with Blackstone Tweed.

I love this yarn.
Tweed for the discerning knitter! This super soft yarn has all the rustic appeal of a classic tweed yarn but with a high dose of mohair and angora. With wear these garments will develop a soft and fuzzy halo. A joy to wear and a pleasure to knit.
65% Wool
25% Superkid Mohair
10% Angora Rabbit Hair
This versatile hooded vest can be worn belted or loose and open. Either way, this cozy layer will be a go-to garment this winter. 
Download the free pattern.. 

Tavis is available in the book Norah Gaughan Volume 9 from Berroco.
A broad expanse of reversible cables makes for a warm and comforting wrap.
Connate from Norah Gaughan Volume 11
Cabled panels adorn the neck and bottom edges of an alluring open jacket with three-quarter length sleeves.
We have this amazing scarf called Dryad in the store. It is a pattern from Jared Flood (brooklyntweed) and you can purchase it on Ravelry.

A very lush and luxurious wide scarf for the Cable Lover’s wardrobe.
There are three lengths available on the pattern-mine is the longest length.

Blackstone Tweed is a great yarn for cables.

The hockey game last night was good. Thankfully it wasn't cold in the arena. I'm going home tonight to sit and knit. I need to make up for the knitting time I missed yesterday.


Lois Evensen said...

Happy Birthday Roko. :) Our Penny carries shoes around, but doesn't chew them. The problem is finding a pair when you want to leave the house.

Sue T. said...

Out of all the topics on this blog post, the dog wins :)

He's a sweetie.

I like the cardigan but don't like the 3/4 sleeves. Ah well. Can't win them all! I love your blogging style!

Linda in Waterloo said...

Well thank goodness he only picks the really expensive stuff.