Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This morning Mr. Canada Post brought in a box from Ann with a sweater knit in Chalet. This afternoon an email newsletter came from Classic Elite with a free pattern for a cowl knit in Chalet. Someone is telling me to write about Chalet today.
Chainette yarns are well-deserving of their popularity...the construction simultaneously provides strength and lightness. Add a luxury fiber blend of baby alpaca and bamboo to that inherent lightness and you have Chalet, a decadently soft yarn with a lovely drape in a chunky weight from our MountainTop Collection of yarns spun from natural, undyed fibers. Chalet looks great knit at a wide variety of gauges and textures.
I would have taken my friend outside for a picture but it is pouring rain here right now. I'm not complaining because there are people on the East Coast in a lot of trouble from all the rain. And then some states had a boat load of snow. Hopefully the next few days will get better for them.

Appenzell from Classic Elite book 9183

Chalet is a perfect yarn for a cowl: super soft, thick, lofty and quick to knit. For a quick and easy stockinette cowl, grab a short circular needle, cast on 72 stitches and knit until you have the right height for your neck. Or try this week's pattern for a varied rib cowl with a bit more interest.
Once the first round of rib is established, just work the stitches as they appear - no need to look at the pattern again. And don't be dismayed by size of your pre-blocked cowl - the reversible rib pulls in an alarming amount but will easily block out to the correct size.
Download the pattern... 

Last night I knit like a mad woman. We were flipping between the World Series of Poker and CNN's coverage of Sandy.

The first section is done on my shawl and I picked up the stitches for the section two.
I have a few more rows of black and then just over 50 rows in the cream. That is my goal for tonight.

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Lois Evensen said...

Love that horizontal cable sweater.