Monday, May 21, 2012

Winter Garden

Happy Sunday to you. On Thursday I saw my sales rep Kathryn and ordered the new Debbie Bliss for fall.

One of the new yarns coming (probably in August or the beginning of September) is Winter Garden

There is a whole book dedicated to the yarn and it has the same name. This is going to get tricky. Customers are going to call and ask 'Do you have Debbie Bliss Winter Garden?' We are going to have to make sure we ask if they mean book or yarn.

The yarn is knit on a 10mm needle and reminds me a bit of Paloma in the fact that it is knit on a big needle but doesn't make a heavy garment.
I really like the purple sweater-turtleneck, stocking stitch body and ribbed sleeves. I totally see this with a pair of jeans. I even see it in my closet in purple.
-8 colours
-30% merino, 30% baby llama, 20% linen and 20% silk
-10 stitches = 4"

I have a sweater that I always put on when it is really cold out. I call it my cuddly sweater. Winter Garden might replace that sweater. I have already said I want one in purple but the brown really interests me. So does the light blue. The possibilities. :)

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Wanderingcatstudio said...

I'm loving that second jacket with the big collar... but I'd go for the brown, orange or green.