Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What is in the boxes??

When I came in this morning the mail box was full of notices from the post office that I have boxes to pick up tonight. Five. I'm trying to think of what they could be.

My guess is
Lorna's Laces-Solemate and the new Sportmate
Namaste-I know two boxes are coming from them including the Hermosa in Espresso

I am at a loss what the other two boxes are.

It is later in the day and I figured out one of the boxes-it is from Blue Sky Alpacas. Just one to think about.

This afternoon I finished the Spectra scarf.

I like the little pom poms on the edge.

These 'frilly' scarves are great for vacation knitting. Are you going to be sitting in the car for a long drive? You can start on your Christmas presents. Think about it. You could have all your presents made by the end of the summer.

We have 6 colours in stock. I couldn't find a picture of colour 1-it is black and white.

The colours below are 3-7. I tried putting the number with the colour but the formatting was getting messed up. Being a bit anal (I hope Jane wasn't drinking coffee as she is reading this because she would have spit it out-I'm more than a bit anal) I don't like it when the post doesn't look good.

Mr. Canpar brought in a box today that has a Noro book that is new to us. Jenny Watson Mini Knits Three by Noro.
The collection consists of 30 designs to knit covering accessories, babies and ladies garments. All patterns use the unique qualities of Noro yarns including Aya, Taiyo, Silk Garden Sock, Silk Garden Lite, Kureyon Sock and Sekku. Some designs can be made from as little as one ball of yarn!
Hooded jacket knit in 1-3 balls of Noro Taiyo.
Sleeping bag and hooded sleeping bag in Silk Garden Lite.

My Noro theme will continue tomorrow-there is another book to tell you about.

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Lois Evensen said...

What a cute little sweater! :)