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Sunday, May 20, 2012


I am in Myrtle Beach now. I didn't know if the condo I was staying in had WiFi so I wrote a few posts before I left. There was also the time factor. I could be golfing or shopping or sitting outside in the sun knitting.

Earlier in the week I talked about the new Noro magazine coming out. June 5 is the date they say but I'm hoping for it sooner. PLEASE. My rep had some information in the email with the pictures and I forgot to put it in the post.

The Rainbow Effect - features accessories
The Drama of Texture - painterly Noro yarns and sculptural cables
Vintage Modern - feminine fashion in colorful dresses and skirts
Urban Organics - men's section (sweater and a few hats)
Outrageous Colour - Turn Up the Volume - bold colors, blousier silhouette, casual knits
A Fine Line - stripes
At Home - home interiors

I wanted to find more about the magazine. Maybe more pictures? Some comments.

While searching on line I found another Noro book coming this summer. I don't have a date yet but hope to in the next few days.

Vintage from Jane Ellison

Clara knit in Silk Garden

This is the long version-there is also a short version
Eleanor in Ayatori
Mabel in Silk Garden

I know that I need this. You might call it want but it really is need.

Mildred in Silk Garden Lite

This is just a sample of the great designs in the book.

Hope you are having a great day. I hope I am having one as well. :)

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Lois Evensen said...

Those fingerless gloves are great. I am sure those are going to be a hot item this year and way into the future. Everyone has to be able to text, even when it is cold outside!