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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

New Sock Stand

As I was straightening/rearranging the store today I decided to change the look of the blog. I can't tell you why it had to be done today but something made me do it.

I have a new stand for sock yarn. Here are some very bad pictures. I was trying to be quick-I need to learn to take my time.

Shepherd Sock
Spud and Chloe sock. The colours are now in numerical order. Some days I can be very efficient.
Tanis Sock.

The rest of the store is still a mess. Less than yesterday though. Jane came in and helped me. Thank you Jane-looking at the boxes was driving me nuts. Tomorrow things should be back to normal.

Tonight I am speaking at the Around the Bay Knitting Guild. I'm going to do a workshop on Linen Stitch. Once you do a few rows the technique isn't too hard.

Poor Melo had to visit the vet twice yesterday. In the morning they took his bandage off and looked at his ear. They put the bandage back on and within half an hour Melo got the bandage off. We tried to put it back on but no luck. He got to see Leanne twice in one day. At 9:45 last night (the time is very important) Beth started going through the house looking for rubbing alcohol. Roko had a tick. There wasn't time to be looking. The drug store by our house closes at 10. I took off to get what we needed. I put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and kept dabbing the tick. Then we are supposed to be able to pull it out. It wasn't going anywhere. We decided to leave it until this morning and take Roko to see Leanne and have her pull it out. Small problem for me. The rubbing alcohol started to take the polish off my nails. I wasn't happy. I put top coat on them to try and make them look better until I can see my nail guy. No knitting for me for fear of getting the top coat on my yarn. Roko saw Leanne this morning and the tick is gone.

It's time to run. I need to drop my computer off at home before heading to Dundas.

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Lois Evensen said...

It sounds as if Murphy and his Laws are in play there. :( Glad that tick is off!