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Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Shopping

Mr. UPS brought us a box late yesterday afternoon from Berroco. We have more Captiva.
Captiva’s satiny feel and subtle shine give it an air of sophistication. Created by wrapping a shimmering filament around a smooth cotton blend, this machine washable yarn comes in a wide range of elegant shades.

This is Pern-a free pattern on Berroco's website.
A feminine and warm weather take on the traditional fisherman's gansey, Pern features easy slipped stitch rib, garter details, and a generous hem
When you are on Berroco's website make sure you sign up to receive their email newsletters. These come out every Friday morning with free pattens.

The newsletter that came out this morning had a section on the mattress stitch-if you are having problems sewing together you garments take a look-there are links to videos as well.

Cindy dropped by with a card for me to say thank you for coming to the Around the Bay Guild meeting last week.

She took some embroidery floss and made a swatch in Linen Stitch for the front of the card. Thank you Cindy-it's great!!

This morning Beth and I took mom to buy her mother's day gift. All her plates and serving dishes. Mom wanted white and I found these dishes at Benix.
After I first saw the plates I called mom to ask if she wanted round or square. She said square which shocked me. I thought it was a bit too 'cool' for my parents. Then my dad chimed in. He wanted square plates. 'Don't you know you can get more food on a square plate?' Good reasoning dad.
My knitting is progressing. I think I have 30 rows to go before dividing the body and the sleeves. I divided the last row onto two needles so that I could show the full back. I love the colour.
Golf is on my TV and I'm going to get some more rows in before going home. 

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