Thursday, May 03, 2012

More from Coastal Knits

I haven't shown a picture of the last Gnarled Oak. Lynn finished hers in time for the Frolic and proudly wore it all day-even when it was so hot in the booth we thought we were going to wilt.

Lynn does have button holes but she couldn't find buttons to her liking. We looked in the store late Friday night but we were so tired from setting up that we couldn't find anything/didn't really look. We went with a shawl pin for now until she finds the perfect button.

I love the leaves across the top.

Did you know that there are new patterns coming out called Coastal Kids? These won't be in a book but in leaflet form. I think they are going to be shipped to us next week.

I took Wannietta's work outside to get a picture that is better than what I showed from the Frolic.

Pattern: Wildflower Cardigan from Coastal Knits
Knit in Tosh Pashmina

The pocket detail and edging are beautiful!
Melo had surgery on his ear this afternoon. Leanne called that he was doing well. Beth is there right now picking him up. I can only imagine what a suck he is going to be tonight.

Survivor last night was great. Kat's first mistake was not taking Tarzan and his wife for the reward. Then she made a stupid statement about why she took the people she did. At tribal when she was talking about a blind side thinking that Sabrina was going was priceless. I think that Tarzan and Christina are sitting really good right now. If they keep their mouths shut they could outlive the others as the fighting starts.

I'M GOING TO KNIT TONIGHT!! Sorry for writing in caps but if I say it then I have to do it. :) Who cares that the house needs to be cleaned.

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Lois Evensen said...

Very, very cool design in the first sweater! Love that!