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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Kidsilk Creation Stripe

Last night I taught at the Around the Bay Knitting Guild. We had a great evening. If you live in the Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster area then you should think about joining the group. The ladies are very passionate about their knitting. All skill levels are welcome!

This morning I ordered Rowan for fall. I really like the patterns. Very Rowanish. If you have some of the early magazines then you will understand what I am saying. Lots of fair isle. Lots of tweed. Great use of colour. Felted Tweed was used in lots of garments. That is a very good thing. The yarn is great to knit with and even better to wear. There are new yarns for fall and new colours in the existing yarns. I wish I could show pictures and tell you more but for now this it. As soon as I get the go ahead I will post more. I will say that I am excited about Rowan magazine 52 and the mini magazines coming.

Any day Mr. UPS should be bringing a box with new colours of Rowan Kidsilk Creation Stripe. You can make a scarf in under an hour.
A net, tubular construction made from the best selling yarn Kidsilk Haze which is 70% super kid silk Mohair and 30% silk
Sorry that this hangs over a bit
When the picture is smaller you can't see
the colours.

Still no knitting to report. Last night Melo got the bandage off his head again. I was afraid he was going to rub his ear on the carpet and get it bleeding so he sat with me and I rubbed his head. He was very happy. Tomorrow they are doing surgery to get everything cleared up.

Beth and I (okay, my dad) decided that it was time to paint our house. We moved in 5 years ago and it is time to get rid of the builders beige walls. I have gone through 100 pages on to get some colour ideas. Right now I am thinking about my bedroom. My bedding is purple. Shocking. Do I want purple walls? Maybe dark teal. Works great with purple. Maybe a dark grey. These are just a few of the many combinations that I like. Take some time and look at the great combinations that they are showing.

The ladies will be here soon for knitting class. I'm not sure if they are going to do any knitting but I am. :)

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Lois Evensen said...

The scarves are very pretty.

We repainted the bedroom and attached sitting room about six months ago. We went very light pink and love it. So warm. The carpet is a deep red, the fireplace mantle is deep red, the trim around the top is a pink deeper than the walls. It all works. I like your teal idea. Daughter did the third floor in teal and it looks great.