Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jane has been busy

The Coat of Many Colours is growing. As you can see Jane knits very fast.
Well...we are finished going round and round. Am now going back and forth. Have started the collar decreases. Getting a bit cumbersome on my lap..but the good thing is, there are less and less stitches at this point. Love the colours and the wool is beautiful to work with. After I finish this one..I may have to make another 
I can't wait to see it. I'm glad that I picked this colour way.

We are expecting the new Kim Hargreaves book Indigo sometime this month. I just called the supplier to see when it will be arriving but they don't have a date for us yet.

They better hurry-we are almost half way through May.

The garments are fabulous.

When I go back through my old Rowan magazines I am still drawn to the garments designed by Kim.

There will be two new Kim Hargreaves books coming for fall
Quirky in August
Enchanted in October

I just spoke with Rebecca at madelinetosh and they are going to get some yarn shipped to me very soon-hopefully next week. Vintage, sock and merino light. Not all the colours of merino light that we are out of but a good start
-betty draper blues
-composition book grey
-glazed pecan
-persian rose
-terra verte

Mark your calendars for the beginning of June. There is a surprise coming that I haven't talked about yet.
From the publishers of Vogue Knitting - the preeminent publisher of knitting titles in the world!

NORO is the preeminent yarn brand in the US and Canada, with global distribution and a strong following. It is consistently ranked most popular brand on knitting blogs and social networking sites. The brand is the brainchild of master colorist Eisaku Noro, who lives and creates his yarn in Ichinomiya, Japan.

NORO Knitting Magazine will contain inspiring articles, both drawing form interesting topics in the knitting world and from Vogue Knitting's wealth of technical knowledge and expertise, as well as the latest news, products and yarn information. The magazine will showcase over 40 original designs, and complete instructions for creating these beautiful knits will be included.
The homeowners meeting last night-there isn't much good to say about it except for the fact that I got to knit for 2 hours. My cardigan is on addi turbo needles. The questions started getting stupid and repetitive which got me knitting faster. Beth gave me a dirty look and said that my needles were clicking very loud.

My rearranging in the store is pretty much done. Garments and yarn have been moved. Now it's time to make up some kits that we are out of. I might knit some as well. The cardigan is not growing fast enough for my liking.


Anonymous said...

Oh the look of the Noro magazine!

Lois Evensen said...

Coat is quite nice. :) I look forward to the progress on this one, too.

Unknown said...

O.M.G. I am so stoked - I can't wait to see it!!!