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Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm Here

It is Saturday evening and I am writing while watching the Nascar Race. It was a long day.

Last night people were setting off fireworks in our neighbourhood. Melo hates fireworks. He shakes and gets really upset. I tried to go to bed at 9 (because the alarm was set to go off at 2:30) but Melo wanted to be with me. It was about midnight when he finally settled down. No problems on the drive or at the border. We boarded the plane and then sat for 45 minutes with mechanical problems. I had about 1 hour in Charlotte but that was now 15 minutes. I got off the plane at B1 and had to catch the next plane at E32. The opposite end of the airport. Almost as far as possible. I just made it as we were boarding.

Henry met me at the airport and we stopped at mom and dad's house. The smoke smell is pretty much gone. Now it just smells a bit like chemicals. I am going there tomorrow and will open all windows and doors. Mom and dad were relieved with the news.

Then I went to my house to pick up some clothes that I leave here. Makes it easy for travel-totally carry on.

I checked into my condo and had a nap. I could barely keep my eyes open.

Then off to the mall. I bought two pairs of pants and a pair of shoes-all on sale. I did good. Then the grocery store for laundry detergent (Tide pods of course and then mom and dad will get the leftovers to try), dryer sheets, pop, water and chips. What else does one need?

Now it's time to sit and knit.

It's Sunday morning and I have been up since 6. At 6:30 I got out of bed and watched Law and Order while knitting. I'm showered and heading off to breakfast. French Toast at Cracker Barrel. Yummy!!

The weather is beautiful. I will be sitting out later today and reading.

I didn't think I could post this until later today from mom and dad's but my condo is next to the real estate office. They have wifi-thank you Mike.

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