Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mom's birthday. She is having a great week. Mother's Day and a birthday-talk about lots of presents. We bought her towels and cutlery for the house.

I said that today's post was going to be about more Noro. I'm saving that for tomorrow. Or possibly for the weekend.

This morning was spent opening the mountain of boxes from the post office.

Box 1:
Solemate from Lorna's Laces in the new colour Bigger on the inside. This is to make the shawl that Kate Atherley designed.

I sent out a newsletter about this last week and all the yarn in this shipment is gone (bad news) but another shipment left Chicago yesterday (good news) and I should have it early next week.

The pattern is free on

From Kate
When I was a teenager, I insisted my mother knit me a Doctor Who scarf. Although the colors weren’t precisely right, it was exactly what I wanted: an absurdly long, multicolored scarf with a generous fringe. I wore it for years. And years. I was still wearing it when I finished university and started my first proper job.
One cold winter day, a coworker made a comment in passing. I am certain he meant it to be helpful advice, but it stung more than he could know. He said that the scarf was childish, and if I wanted to be taken seriously in my career I needed to dress the part. The scarf got put away, and I spent more than 10 years dressing conservatively for a career that I never quite fit into. 
Fast forward to 2005, when Doctor Who was relaunched to much acclaim, and I was busy reinventing myself and finding a career I could fit comfortably into. I never forgot my beloved Doctor Who scarf – I’d kept it all along – and I harbored a fantasy of reinventing it for my new life.
And so: Bigger on the inside. A sophisticated, grown-up take on the Doctor Who scarf. No matter how conservative your office, you won’t be out of place with this draped tastefully around your shoulders.

The yarn is a bit more navy in colour than is showing in the picture. I took some skeins outside to get a picture (in the rain) and they looked darker but then when I emailed the picture to myself they are looking brighter blue. Very strange.

Box 2:
Spud and Chloe Fine and Sweater in colours we were running short on

Box 3 and 4:
The Espresso Hermosa bag as well as some Boardwalk Bags (the back pack) in Espresso

Box 5:
The Mystery Box. It had ball winders, swifts, Brittany knitting needles and more copies of Knit Swirl.

How is Jane doing on her jacket? There was a small set back and she had to take out a few rows. Right now she and her husband are traveling in their motor home. I think she has it with her and maybe she will send some pictures.

We had a family meeting at the townhouse between me closing the store and knitting class. The towels look great with the bathroom counters that were put in this morning. The kitchen cabinets were installed today as well.

No, the floors aren't sloped in the townhouse. I'm bad at taking pictures.

I am at a huge point in the Breezy Cardigan. There are 594 stitches on my needle. At the beginning of the next two rows I will cast on 54 stitches-this is for the front pieces that hang-I'm not sure how to describe them so I added a picture. 702 stitches. I'm going to start the next row with a longer needle-it is getting very tight on mine.

Once I do the two cast on rows the sleeve stitches are put on stitch holders. Then I will be back to 522 stitches.

It's our last knitting class tonight and I hope to get the stitches cast on.

Beth taped America's Got Talent and we watched a bit last night. Most of the show is terrible acts but there have been some amazing ones so far-William and his Earth Harp is by far the best. Take a minute to watch the YouTube video if you didn't see it live. If I was a judge I would have declared him the winner right there. Beth said the winner gets an act in Vegas. Should he win I will definitely pay to see him.

I'm home from class now. I got one set of 54 stitches cast on and the row completed. Now it's time to cast on another 54 and purl across 702 stitches. I need to wind two more balls of yarn to take with me to Myrtle Beach. I have no clue where they are. If you have any ideas please let me know.

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Lois Evensen said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! Any Mom of yours has to be a very lovely lady. ;)

Love the updated Dr. Who Scarf. I remember Dr. Who and his scarf and his very simple black and white TV sets of so many years ago. :) When the "came back" my son and grandchildren are loving watching him again. :)