Monday, May 07, 2012

Day Off

Thank goodness for having Monday off. I have many errands to do today. Boxes are off to the post office. I need to run out and get a new suitcase. I'm flying to Myrtle Beach for the long weekend and don't have a bag to carry on the plane. The zipper broke on the one I had and it was a pain to open. Dad and Beth cleaned out our garage and it went to the dump. My dad isn't one for keeping things. "If you haven't used it in the last year then you don't need it"

It is many hours later and time to finish my thoughts.

My suitcase is from Heys. We have used their suitcases for years and they stand up great. I only bought the carry on but would love the whole set. Of course it is purple!!

Because I am flying to Myrtle Beach the store will be closed for one day. Tuesday May 22, 2012. We will be open on Saturday May 19 and then again on Wednesday May 23.

Here is the start of my Spectra scarf. I like the edges.

The Amazing Race was a bit of a nail biter last night. Getting to the mat and having to go back to complete a challenge. I'm not sure what I would have done in that situation. Tears come to mind.

I preview my post while writing it to make sure there aren't spelling mistakes and words that I have left out of sentences. I probably miss some but hopefully I don't. While scrolling down I see that I started blogging in 2005. That seems so long ago. I went to some of my 2005 posts and started reading. In 2005 Melo had surgery and needed to wear a cone. Here is my post from November of that year
Melo made it through his procedure just fine. The only problem is that he wants to lick the incision so he has to wear a cone on his head for the next couple of days. Not a happy dog. Actually Jekyll and Hyde is the best description. With the cone on he cries and cries. Take it off and happy Melo who likes to play.
Time hasn't changed him at all.

Beth and I are home from having dinner with Louise from L.K. Yarns. There is no shortage of conversation when the three of us get together. I'm finishing my post and then going to watch Top Chef. An episode of Season 3 and then the new episode from Top Chef Canada.

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Lois Evensen said...

Have a great trip and enjoy your day away. If you're like me when I had my own business, I was always thinking about getting back while away. *sigh* Have fun anyway!