Saturday, May 05, 2012

Bright and Cheery

I have been unpacking from the Frolic all week. It should have been done by now but I decided to rearrange the store at the same time. This creates an even bigger mess!

Noro Taiyo now lives at the front door.

As many of you know I have a small Noro problem-I love it. Their colour combinations call to me. I have a cardigan knit in Taiyo and like wearing the yarn. When I was putting out the new colours we received I kept picking ones that I want to knit with.

Summer garments

Top left-Austin Hoodie in Lorna's Laces Solemate
Top middle-Classic Elite Sanibel
Top right-Prism vest kit. I showed this vest a few weeks ago but wasn't impressed by how it looked on the mannequin. Funny story. I saw the label in the back and put that at the top. Labels always go to the top. When I was putting the vest on the mannequin yesterday I saw that the writing on the label was upside down. Weird. Prism sewed the label in their garment wrong. No - they sewed it fine but it goes at the bottom of the vest. Now it is hanging properly and looks much better.
Bottom-Berroco Origami

It is nice and bright when you walk in the front door.
The cardigan in the middle is Rowan Revive and the sweater on the right is Berroco Linsey.

The yarns that found a new home are
-Rowan Revive
-Classic Elite Sanibel
-Classic Elite Seedling Hand Pain
-Berroco Linsey
-Berroco Origami
-Berroco Captiva

There are still a few things to be moved but I am done for today. Melo is doing very well. He spent yesterday without the cone. We didn't put it on him until bed time. He woke Beth up at 7 this morning to go out. I heard them and debated going back to sleep. Instead I got up and was here by 8:30 and continued my moving. I'm tired now so I'm going to open my knitting bag and watch the end of the hockey game.

Tomorrow I will be going to Toronto to see some of the new yarns for fall. Noro. Debbie Bliss. Sirdar. Katia..... I will do my best to get some pictures.


Lois Evensen said...

Oh, yarn. I could so overdose. OK, I have overdosed. I've got a whole room full of it and always find more that I like. It's taking all I can muster to keep from buying more for awhile.

Julie Ann said...

Glad to hear Melo is recovering. Our pups sure love the extra tlc when life gets rough.
Julie Ann