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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Two Day Post

Kate sent me an email and asked me where she could find the link to the classes on my website because she was doing a blog post. They aren't on the website yet. Please don't get me started on that-the web guy has them but hasn't done it. I decided to save this post for Saturday and do a post just about Kate. Don't miss out on taking a class with a fabulous teacher.

From Friday

It has been crazy weather in Ancaster this morning. Sunny one minute and then white out snow the next. Right now it is sunny and a beautiful day.

We have a new Noro yarn.
60% wool
40% silk
22 stitches = 4" on 4mm needles
142m on a ball

The colours are pastel-very summery. Me wants some. :)

The new Noro books for spring haven't arrived yet. There will be one from Noro and I believe that Jenny Watson is doing one as well. If you are like me and need to start with the yarn right away then you can choose any double knitting pattern.

Check out a cardigan called Pretty in Pink on Ravelry. This will look great in the Ayatori.

Ms. Canada Post made her daily visit with a box of patterns. Westknits 3 from Stephen West is here.

Knit in tosh pashmina
I WANT!! (I'm being very greedy today)

See all the patterns from the book...

I'm writing away and looking out the window to lots of snow. It really can't make up it's mind.

It's Saturday

I have been working away on Gnarled Oak. Okay, that is a bit of a stretch. I worked on my quilt Thursday evening. All 16 squares are done. Now they need to be trimmed. Okay, I need to press them properly and then trim them. Then it is time for the borders. Gnarled Oak has proceeded past the second decrease row. I have another 3" (which includes two decrease rows) to do before I can start on the yoke pattern.

There were more patterns in the box with the Stephen West books including
Scalene by Carina Spencer
We have the scarf knit in the store in lace weight and I have knit it in Liberty. You can also knit Scalene in fingering weight (think of the possibilities).

I'm looking forward to a day at home tomorrow. Knitting and quilting mixed with Nascar, golf, The Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Oh nuts! I see some Noro colours I HAVE to have.

Lois Evensen said...

Those Noro colors are fantastic. Yum!