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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Sleeves are Joined

It's just after 8am. I woke up early because Beth had to be out the door early. She isn't the best at getting up in the morning so I set my alarm for 7 to make sure she got on her way.

As the ladies were arriving for class last night I got my sleeves joined.
I got three more rows done before bed last night. It doesn't sound like a lot but there are many stitches on the needle.
It is a beautiful day out already. Hard to believe that it is March!!

We received an email from Soak this morning that there are new Soakboxes coming for spring. These fabulous kits include Heel foot cream for feet worthy of hand-knit socks, under the premise that one should give their sock-loving feet some serious love and Lorna’s Laces new sock yarn, Solemate. Solemate is made with Outlast®.That means it has climate control technology so your feet are "Not too hot. Not too cold." Pure genius, in pretty packaging. You'll get a minisoak stuck in there too!
This season's colors are Dobson, Campbell, Cornelia and Kedzie-they will coming in Shepherd Sock as well.

(I don't know why there is a big space here-I can't make it go away and don't want to start playing around with my post)

It's almost home time and Diana came in with a scarf she just knit for the store. She does an amazing job on lace!!
Sonoma Lace Scarf
One ball Freia Ombre Lace
3.25mm needles
Love it!!
The colours are beautiful.
We have the yarn in stock and there will be new colours for spring coming in a couple of weeks.
From Tina at Freia Yarns
To achieve the long color runs in our Flux and Ombré yarns we have developed our own dyeing process. Though labor intensive, the hands-on nature of the 
process allows us to ensure an even consistency in the yarn and colors over multiple dye lots. Our method also means that though our yarns will match 
very well from one dye lot to the next, no two balls of yarn will ever be the same.
During the day I have worked two more rows on Gnarled Oak. The next row is a decrease row.

I'm home from class where we all got knitting done. I finished the decrease row and then one more row. Survivor and American Idol are taping. Could get a couple more rows done tonight.

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