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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Movin' On Up

I'm taking a break from rearranging to write. Mr. Handyman brought me a stand that we had in storage so that I could move some things around.
A few yarns have been moved off the floor.

-Shepherd Sport from Lorna's Laces
-Noro Hitsuji
-Noro Aya

That is a big deal. Who want to live on a floor? Reminds of the song from Good Times-Movin' on Up

The stand is in a small hallway so getting a picture straight on is impossible.
After moving things around I need to walk away for a bit. Then I can go back and see it with fresh eyes.

I do like moving things for a couple of reasons. I am here every day so it is nice to see different things when I am walking around. It is also nice for you to see things differently when you come in. If the store looks the same on every visit then you will stop coming.

I also sewed the buttons on Levenwick. That was a challenge. I HATE (yes I am screaming) sewing on buttons. I really need to start sending them to the knitter with the yarn so that the garment comes back completely finished. I hope Lynda, Wannietta and Ann like sewing on buttons. :)

We didn't make it very far with the TV watching last night. The woman finally won on Survivor and have a canoe. I would trade with the men-let us have some time in your shelter where it is warm and dry for some time in the canoe. Seems simple to me. It was great seeing Matt go home. Nice to look at but every time he opened his mouth stupid things came out. We saw the first few women sing on Idol and will watch the rest tonight. What happened between Tuesday and last night? On Tuesday the judges loved everyone. Last night they were criticizing the women. Did the producers decide they were too nice on Tuesday and tell them to mix it up last night?

The second sleeve of Gnarled Oak has been cast on and the ribbing is done. I get to change to the circular needle tonight and then things will go quicker. I'm still on pace to start the yoke this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi, it looks nice and tidy, love it. The sweater looks great too. Another project...

Anonymous said...

Hi, looks nice and tidy, love it. Did mom help! Love the sweater project...

Julie said...

I did it all by myself. There is going to be more done today. :)