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Saturday, March 17, 2012


Yesterday we had a visit from Mr. UPS with a box from Berroco. There is a new yarn in the store called Captiva.
Captiva’s satiny feel and subtle shine give it an air of sophistication. Created by wrapping a shimmering filament around a smooth cotton blend, this machine washable yarn comes in a wide range of elegant shades.
I debated waiting to post this because we ordered four colours and only two came in-
5522 Sugared Peach

5515 Laurel

On Monday I will call my friendly rep at Berroco and find out when the other colours (5517 Pear and 5503 Silver Coin) will be back in stock. I will also find out if they have colours in stock that I didn't order. The colour range is great. Looking at it again (along with the great patterns) I don't know why I only picked four colours and will be adding more.

Please excuse the gap. I don't know it got into the picture and can't figure out how to take it out. It's been a long day and my mind won't let me figure it out.

As always Berroco has great patterns. This is a free pattern that they just emailed out and you can find it on their website.
Aurea is another free pattern you can download
There is also a book for the yarn-book 318 which we have in the store. My favourite design in the book is called Romana
Two enchanting half-circles form the lower portions of a long open cardigan, matching up perfectly with textural stitching along the back.
 Palladio is a close second. The wide sleeves look great in this yarn.
Fluttering sleeves add romance to a close-fitting boat neck pullover with a high ribbed waist.
I don't have much knitting to report. By the time I got home from work last night and ate dinner it was almost bed time. Maybe tonight. :)

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Lois Evensen said...

Lovely new year. I especially like the shrug/jacket. I need to make something for myself for a change!

Sunday hugs,