Friday, March 30, 2012

Bad Idea

Beth and I together at One of a Kind was a bad idea. :)

How could I pass these up?? They are the perfect colour for my kitchen.

We bought another wall hanging for our dining room. I didn't get a picture and it is wrapped up in the basement until dad can hang it next week. The artist calls them ceramic quilts-I like that name.

The booth ride beside this had something that was perfect for mom and their new house. I can't talk about it until she gets it-don't want to ruin the surprise.

We were ready to walk out the door when we both headed to the Creations d'Octobre booth. I walk by this booth every show and comment that I want some of her work but it doesn't go in our house here. It will go in Myrtle Beach though. We were so busy picking pictures that I didn't think to get pictures in her booth. Our arms were full by this time so we went out to the truck with what we had and pulled up to the building. Beth went back in to pick up our pictures and asked if I could take a few from her website. Her most current work (what we bought) isn't there but here are a few to give you an idea of what she does. If you have been to One of a Kind then you have seen these. She also sells at Balls Falls.

We bought three pieces that aren't in frames. It was a tough decision. Beth didn't want to but I decided we were going to lay them out and look at them. Mom and dad will be home tomorrow night and they will want to see them over the weekend.
The plan right now is to hang them in our dining room but that could change when we get to Myrtle. They will work well in the kitchen as well.

The show was smaller than for fall but the booths were very good this time. If you are thinking about it I highly suggest you go.


Elizabeth said...

I love that kitchen set!!! Can you share what seller you bought it from?

Julie said...

Sorry I don't have the name here but should have it at home.