Friday, February 24, 2012


So much for the snow storm. It is pouring rain here. You would think it was April.

I was knitting away last night while watching Idol and Grey's Anatomy when I decided I should take out the tape measure and see just how far I was on Gnarled Oak. I'm at 17". Much farther than I thought. I will be starting the sleeves this weekend.

Yesterday Mr. UPS brought in an envelope from Rowan with a sample sweater

Bellgrave from the new Summerspun Collection. I was happy to have the sweater but we didn't have the books.
Ms. UPS came in this morning with the books. I LOVE IT!!

Summerspun is a beautiful yarn in a 50% Merino Wool and 50% Cotton blend. The yarn is made by twisting a printed cotton end and a melange wool end together, resulting in a wonderful subtle striping effect. Summerspun is a joy to knit and crochet.
The hardest part will be picking which colour to use. They are all beautiful.

I'm home from work. The weather has turned cold. Okay, the temperature isn't that cold but the wind is bitter. I almost finished my Honey Cowl before leaving. There are about 40 stitches still to be cast off. I will get it done tomorrow and take some pictures.

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Anonymous said...

I don't really know where your store is in Canada, I'm in Michigan. Really enjoy your blog every day!! Sure wish I lived by!!