Thursday, February 09, 2012

Seedling Handpaint

It's almost time to run home and grab some dinner before coming back for class. This might be a short post. After class I need to get to bed right away. My flight is at 6am tomorrow morning. It sounded good when I booked it but right now it isn't. I will be leaving home around 2:30. The border should be quiet that early in the morning. Okay, fingers crossed the border will be quiet at that hour.

Mr. Canada Post brought in two huge boxes today. The Namaste has arrived. My laptop fits nicely in the Boardwalk bag. So will my knitting and a book. Speaking of knitting-I am having problems deciding what and how much yarn to pack.

The other box was from Blue Sky Alpacas. We are well stocked on Dyed Cotton again. I haven't updated the website yet. The invoice is in my bag and I will be doing that tomorrow.

Then Nick (Mr. Canpar) came with a box of Classic Elite Seedling Handpaint.

This picture was taken in the Classic Elite booth at TNNA. Once the new book is up on Classic Elite's website I will have more pictures for you.

Part of the Verde Collection of eco-friendly yarns, Seedling is a machine washable organic cotton in both solid and handpainted colors. This yarn has the same wonderful texture and softness as Sprout but in a lighter weight.Seedling's organic fiber is more robust and less stressed by chemicals than non-organic cotton, which increases its absorbency and color intensity.
We have 8 great colours in the store.

I'm home, dinner is done and my chores are almost done. A parcel needed to be packed to go out tomorrow. Laundry is done. My suitcase is packed. It's time to run. Moebius cast on part two tonight.

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