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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Rearranging Again

Today has been about rearranging the store. There are many new yarns and more on the way. Finding a place for some of them is proving difficult.

There were lots of deliveries today which sidetracked the rearranging a bit. Those deliveries and rearranging totally side tracked my knitting. It didn't even make it out of the car.

Shawl sticks and pins from Annie Adams.
Cherry Blossom Shawl Stick

The new sticks are shorter and lighter than the others from Annie which makes them great for lace shawls.
Spiral Shawl Stick

A new sock yarn from Regia arrived today.
Introducing six new exciting shades in Regia 4ply Prints. Designed by North American master colorist Kristin Nicholas and inspired by her colorful flower gardens and the bucolic scenery of her New England farm, these shades will not only create spectacular socks, but wonderful shawls and scarves.
75% Superwash Wool
25% Polyamide

50gram ball

You will need two balls for a pair of socks.

This colour  is Blue Thyme.


Many of you know that I don't knit socks. I can knit them but I get second sock syndrome. After I see the colours in the first sock I am bored. I do like sock yarn though. :) There is quite a bit of it in my house.

Herb Green

Ms. Canada Post had her arms full when she came in today. There was a small box from Namaste.

Unfortunately it isn't the big box with the Boardwalk Bag. I need a bag and soon. Friday morning I am flying to Myrtle Beach for the weekend. This was an unexpected trip. We have people staying in the house over March Break and a few chores need to be done before they get there. This is the only weekend that works before they go.

A box from Della Q came today as well. We have straight needle rolls and double pointed needle rolls again. There were some cute bags in the box as well.

We have lots of Edict Knitting Bags
Why would you use a Ziploc® bag when you can store your work-in-progress in this fabulous Edict project bag? Consider using the bag as a gift bag when you are finished with your project. An interior pocket holds small notions.
The large Eden cotton pouch
  • Includes an interior pocket for small notions. Pocket: 4"w x 4"h
  • 14.5"w x 16.5"h
  • 100% Cotton
You'll need one for every project. Why use a plastic grocery bag when you can use something pretty? Large enough for a scarf or small sweater project.
I think that Della is talking to me. I have my knitting in a plastic bag right now. My Offhand Bags all have projects in them. That has me thinking that I had better call Offhand tomorrow to find out where the new bags are.

I just got home from work. The ladies learned cables in knitting class tonight. Beginners always think that cables are hard and then they do them. They were very impressed with themselves. My fingers are itching to get at my sweater. I hope Beth taped something for us to watch.

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