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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A-Mazing Blocks Cross Front Vest

I had the Bodega scarf finished before class started last night. This is only a part of the ball. I started doing the other half of the ball to see how long it would be. One ball will definitely make two scarves.

I wound the skein into a ball before starting. I'm going to suggest you wrap the yarn on a paper towel tube instead. My yarn is twisting on itself and that doesn't make me happy.

While I was away Ann sent a parcel with a finished sweater.

Pattern: Freya from Kidsilk Haze Stripe Collection
Yarn: Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe

The yarn is double stranded on 7mm needles. I'm seriously thinking about having Ann knit one for me. It is so soft. Talk about a cuddly sweater for a cold winter day.

Cathy and Sarah did a lot of straightening of shelves for me while I was gone. The store looks great!!

Kidsilk Haze is sitting on the shelf very pretty. Cathy also counted the balls for me. The website is updated and out of stock colours have been ordered.

They also worked on the Vintage. It all lives on the shelf now-like a cohesive family. Every time I walk by I look at the colours dreaming of what one I want to use.

On Ravelry, look up Thea Colman (baby cocktails) for some great pattern ideas.
-Irish Coffee
-Dark and Stormy
Another box came in from Trendsetter today with kits for the mitred block vest. Barry combined interesting yarns in great colours for the kits.

Animal Print (vest on the right)
Meadow (vest on the left)
This kit didn't arrive but
should be here in a week
Lipstick Kiss
This morning I had to take my car into the dealership to have my tires looked at. I told dad that last night and he offered to pick me up. 9am. All set. At 9:05 he wasn't there. I thought he was running late. 9:10 still no dad. At 9:15 I called his office. He was there. He forgot me. I couldn't yell at him because he was doing me a favour but I'm not going to let him forget for a few days. :)

Did you watch Survivor last night? One beach-this is going to be interesting. Can't wait for the first romance. Then the fireworks between tribes will really begin.

We went quickly through Idol as well last night. Most of the people we picked in auditions have made it through. How do you forget the words to a song? It seemed there was more of that this year than before.

With Beth working the remote I got some knitting done on Gnarled Oak. The body is almost at 12". I need to get to 19" before adding in the sleeves. No, the sleeves aren't knit yet. Wishful thinking.

I have last night's Criminal Minds taped. Gnarled Oak, here I come.

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