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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Gnarled Oak

The Super Bowl is done and the right team won. I got lots of knitting accomplished and it's bed time. Before opening the store tomorrow I am going to pick up more tosh.

I decided on Gnarled Oak from Coastal Knits for my tosh dk.

I didn't take needles from the store last night assuming that I would have them at home. It was almost a big mistake. I have 60cm, 4mm needles. Lots of them. The problem was that I needed 80cm or 100cm. I have 4mm points for my addi clicks but no long cords. I went through my bedroom. No luck. Then I remembered my set of lace clicks. Lucky for me there was a 100cm cord. I could start.

The body is worked in one piece to the armhole. Then the sleeves are knit and joined to the body for the yoke. Two balls are going at once and my goal is to be through those two balls tomorrow. Aim high my dad always told me!!

1 comment:

Sally said...

Very pretty sweater.

I was cheering for NE, but mainly because you have to pick some one. I thought it was a very good game and so glad I got to see the Budweiser commercial.