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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Celebrating Family

Last night I booked my plane ticket to TNNA. That would be TNNA in February 2013. When you fly on points you can't wait until the last minute to book. Unfortunately there aren't any direct flights from Toronto into Long Beach, California. I could fly to LAX but what fun would that be? I fly into Vegas on Thursday morning and then Saturday morning fly into Long Beach. I'll be at the show Saturday and Sunday morning. The show is Super Bowl weekend so I will be in front of the TV Sunday afternoon. Then back to Vegas Monday morning and home on Tuesday. Totally makes sense. It's a good thing it doesn't bother me to get on an airplane.

While I was away last week Cathy unpacked a box with new Debbie Bliss yarns,
Cashmerino Baby has 10 new shades.
Cashmerino Baby is
55% Merino Wool
33% Microfiber
12% Cashmere

There are also new colours in Eco Baby-100% Organic Cotton
These yarns are interchangeable-even the same yardage.
We know that Debbie will always have new baby and children's patterns and you can find them in her new book Celebrating Family.

Debbie also included some adult designs in Cashmerino Baby and Eco Baby.

There was lots to watch on TV last night. The woman's team on Survivor are in total chaos and the show just started. At this rate they aren't going to win a challenge. So far I like most of the judges choices on Idol. It will be interesting to see how tonight's show goes. I didn't even make it to Criminal Minds. Maybe tonight.

Gnarled Oak is progressing. I am at 15". Only three more inches until I get to start the sleeves. Lynn and I are making the cardigan to wear at The Knitter's Frolic-she started her sleeves yesterday. Sarah is making it as well-when the pact was made to make the cardigan we didn't know she would be moving to England. Jane is knitting a different cardigan in tosh dk. I was going to write that if she gets it done she can wear that. Of course Jane will have it done-it's two months to the Frolic-she knits garments faster than any of us.

There are boxes to be packed but I can't make myself pick up the tape gun. Good thing I open later tomorrow-there will be time in the morning. Criminal Minds-here I come.

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Sally said...

I love that yellowish coloured sweater two down from the title page. I'd like that for an adult sweater!