Monday, December 12, 2011

Wrapping Presents

This morning I headed into Hamilton to the passport office. A chore I was dreading. The last time our passports expired it was a long visit to the passport office. The old passport couldn't be used as identification for the new passport. We needed birth certificate, health card, drivers license, credit card and our left arm along with getting a signature from someone who knew us like a doctor or lawyer. Today I was in and out of the office in under half an hour. The only ID they needed was the old passport. Super simple!

Then I started Christmas shopping. I like shopping but not for others. I find it very hard. Then there is wrapping presents. This is something that I am very bad at. Very bad.
If I try to get the wrinkles out I end up ripping the paper. I HATE WRAPPING PRESENTS. The only reason I wrapped this is because it is for Beth - from the dogs. Everything else she gets to do.

I started writing my post and got a call from my mom that she couldn't connect to the Internet. This has been a problem for the past few weeks. We keep unplugging the modem and router and plug them back in which works for a few days. Tonight I couldn't make it work. My dad's suggestion was a hammer which made me pack up the computer and bring it home. It works fine here. Very frustrating.

When I came home Beth was jumping up and down that the dogs got her a present and they won't tell her what it was.

The ending of The Amazing Race last night was sad. The snowboarders were eliminated a week ago by a fluke. If the three other taxi drivers hadn't talked to each other the boarders would have been racing for one million dollars. Then last night Marcus had huge problems in the flight simulator. I wanted Marcus and Amani to win. When Ernie and Cindy were in the cab and Cindy commented that she wanted to win so bad because she couldn't lose to the other teams-like a C student beating her, the A+ student. Really-you think very highly of yourself.

I am home again after my second trip to Best Buy today. During the first I bought Beth some Christmas presents. Yes, I have to wrap them but one present a day is all I can handle. I just went to get my mom a new router. I'm hoping this will solve the problem. If not then I will have the Geek Squad come in.

There are three boxes sitting beside me that need shipping labels so that Mr. or Ms. Canada Post can pick them up tomorrow. I feel a bit like Santa's elves.


Lois Evensen said...

The doggies here have a hard time wrapping presents, too. ;) Very cute.

Anonymous said...

I hear you - wrapping presents!
Have a great Christmas if we don't see you before.
PS - Mom LOVES her new needles :)

lookinout said...

Use a charity that wraps gifts and you'll feel good for two reasons.

Julie said...

Thanks for the great idea!!

Julie said...

Glad your mom likes the needles-now you need to get her the whole set. :)