Thursday, December 15, 2011


I have been going between knitting projects. The purple poncho is progressing. I finished ball two last night and didn't have another ball wound so I moved to my tosh pashmina scarf. I have reached the number of repeats the pattern is asking for but there is yarn left so I'm going to do some more rows. In the store I have picked up Spectra again. There isn't much progress which is a good thing. That means the store is busy.

Survivor last night was great. Brandon giving up his immunity to Albert was priceless. There was no way that Albert was handing it back. I don't think that Albert will have any chance of winning the game now-the jury wasn't impressed by him.

I really want Josh to win the X Factor. If not Josh then Chris. I'm not a Marcus fan. It is hard to believe that he is still on the show. Melanie is a great singer but I can't bring myself to root for her.

Mr. Canpar and Mr. UPS have been busy bringing boxes this week. Rowan for the shelves. Knitting books. Needles. And some Malabrigo.

Two new colours of Malabrigo Sock are on the shelf.
671 Playa
670 Candombe

Copies of Malabrigo Book 3 are back in stock. From Malabrigo
Featuring 19 patterns created by 6 brave both well known and upcoming designers. Most of Malabrigo's yarns are represented on the book, including Rasta and Sock.

Scalloped Shawl knit in Sock

Scalloped Shawl knit in Sock

Cowl knit in Rasta
Beth and I finally got back to putting together book cases. Two more are done. It's time to start moving knitting books upstairs. Or it might be time to knit.

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