Wednesday, November 02, 2011

So I don't forget

It is still Tuesday night. I hit Publish on my post and then remembered something I was supposed to add. I decided to start writing tomorrow's post because if I wait until tomorrow I could forget again.

Shadows from Kim Hargreaves has finally arrived.
See all the fabulous designs..

And if that isn't good news, Kim's next book, Scarlet, should be shipped to us in two weeks.

It's Wednesday afternoon and it has been busy this morning. Lots of customers along with moving around sweaters and baskets. 

Mr. Canada Post came in with three parcels. The first was from Lynda-a great vest.

The pattern is from Noro City Knits by Jenny Watson.
The yarn is Noro Kogarashi.
It is knit side to side which gives us vertical stripes.

Lynn will be here on Saturday and I will try to get a picture of her wearing the vest. I think it will look much better on a human body.
When you look at the yarn it doesn't look like it will stripe but it does.

I really like how the cables show up in the self-striping yarns.

The second box was from Prism. More colours of Stuff, Christmas Stocking kits in red and some more Delicato.

And then a box from Crystal Palace. Sock Yarn!!

It is many hours later. I am home from doing running around with Beth and am going to sit on the couch and finish the Kidsilk Haze Stripe scarf. Lots of great TV tonight. Survivor-will Ozzy lose and be off the show?

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