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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Mr. Canada Post wasn't happy with me this morning. He came in and I had 11 boxes waiting for him. I felt like Santa.

I just spoke with madelinetosh and more yarn is going into production for us. It will be approximately a week and a half to two weeks before we receive the yarn but if there is a colour you want/need, please let me know so that I can hold it for you the minute the boxes arrive.

tosh merino light
  • amber trinket
  • badlands
  • betty draper blues
  • byzantine
  • copper penny
  • fathom
  • flashdance
  • glazed pecan
  • jade
  • moca
  • nebula
  • plaid blanket
  • stovepipe
  • vanilla bean
  • william morris
tosh dk
  • calligraphy
  • fathom
  • kale

Here are the new colours of Noro Iro. I did them first thing this morning before I forgot.
It is much later and I am getting ready to run out and grab some dinner before class. Beth took mom out for Chinese food. I can't/won't eat Chinese food so it is a treat for them. I have suffered from migraines since I was young. One of the triggers was Chinese food-the MSG. I know you can get Chinese food now without MSG but after being really ill after you ate something you don't want to eat it ever again.

I received an email about some new patterns coming to Rowan's website for Colourspun. Free patterns.
Colourspun is a lovely wool and mohair blended yarn which is sublime to knit. Each shade is produced by blending two printed and two solid colours together and then twisted with a printed binder. 
I just went to and the patterns are there.

Knitting class is over and I am home. The ladies were very productive tonight. Susan knit a scarf in the new Mischief. The whole scarf during class and it looks great. Maggi, Sarah and Cathy worked very hard as well.

It has been a long day-I was in the store for almost 12 hours. It's time to put up my feet and watch Survivor and the X Factor. I hope the judges on X Factor are a little nicer this evening.

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