Monday, November 28, 2011

One of a Kind

Today was a fun day off. I paid some bills, packed boxes and dropped them at the post office, took Jane lunch in the store and then off to Toronto. It was One of a Kind day. I was parked about as far away as possible. You will understand this in a few minutes.

In the first aisle was alarte hand painted silks. I couldn't stop myself. I was by myself-someone should have come with me to be my voice of reason. :)

This is the cute box it came in.

The colour of my scarf is close to this.

Izabela calls this New York Orchid. She wanted me to buy a brighter scarf but I already have one that is purple and green. It lives in the apartment and I am going to rescue it tomorrow.

From her website
Please note: each Alarte Silks Shibori shawl is unique. We paint and pleat it one at a time. Each one of Shibori shawls bares Izabelas signature. Small variations in pattern and color are possible. This is what makes them special. Shibori Shawls should be DRY CLEANED only.
It was a few more aisles until my next purchase. I have a great leather purse that travels with me all the time. It isn't too big and heavy but will hold my wallet, phone, knitting and iPad for flying. My bag is brown and I bought one in a deep navy/grey.

Then I was very good for quite a few aisles. I was looking for Marie-Joel. She makes the great art that is hanging in my dining room. I didn't get a picture of the two pieces that I bought but here is a picture that I took to send to Beth. I wasn't sure if this was too long for our room and we decided it was. We were afraid that if they were too long then when people push their chairs back from the dining room table they will hit the pictures.

There was no way that I could carry the two pieces along with my shawl box and purse. I made a trip out to the car with these and then walked back to get the art. The pieces aren't heavy but very awkward. My arms were a bit tired by the time I made it to the car. Having someone along with me would have been a plus. Beth is coming next time whether she likes it or not. :)

This is our wall so far. We have another thin piece to go on the left in the blue tones and a double wide in browns to go on the right. The pictures will be hung when dad gets home. (He just called from Honduras. All is well. They had a very long day pouring four floors but the weather wasn't too hot so he was happy.) We held them up to see how they looked and decided that after the new ones are up we will only need two more pieces. These pieces can be the long ones. We will be going to One of a Kind in April to finish the wall.

Here is another pattern from Anne Hanson-there should be some knitting content

A silky, star-splashed triangle, worked from neck to hem in three sizes (mini/petite/tall) with a lacy hem of dancing firefly motifs. The easy-to-work stitch patterns and wrong-side rest rows make this piece a great first shawl project, or a fun, relaxing weekend traveler for experienced knitters. It’s ornate appearance belies its simplicity of construction; this piece knits up quickly and effortlessly to make a dazzling last-minute gift.
Substituting yarn and/or needles may result in an overall variation in size. 

Suggested Yarns: Spirit Trail Fiberworks Penelope, Orihime, or Neith, Woolen Rabbit Lark or Opulence, Briar Rose Sea Pearl, Knitting Notions Classic Merino Bamboo, Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk, Fibre Isle Pearl Bison, Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Cashmere and Silk, Sweet Georgia Merino/Silk DK, or any soft fingering yarn with approximately 425 yards per 100 grams
Finished Size: 18(24, 30) inches long at center back and 42(54, 68) inches across top edge (blocked) 

Yarn Requirements: 300(425, 650) yards

Gauge: 26 sts and 36 rows = 4 inches in stockinette (unblocked; fabric will be relaxed)

Needles: size 3US (3.25 mm) circular needle (or size to obtain correct gauge)
DPNs same size for final join (optional)
Another beauty. I love the way that Anne uses pins to hold her shawls closed.


Irene said...

Love your choices in art. One of a Kind is a deadly visit, isn't it. I went on Thursday p.m. I too was parked as far as I could possibly be. Great shawls too.

Lois Evensen said...

What beautiful shawls. So pretty and light.