Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lest We Forget

I sat down to write my blog post and something in the laundry room smashed. The dogs went running and we had to get there before them. The light fixture on the ceiling fell to the floor. Don't ask me why but what a mess. We have swept. We have vacuumed. We are going to wash the floor tomorrow. Not what I needed tonight.

Earlier this evening Beth and I took our change to Canada Trust at Fennel and Upper Ottawa. They have a coin counting machine. Just drop everything in and it counts it for you.

Much faster than counting and rolling. The machine spits out a piece of paper that you take to the teller. We took it in US dollars-food money for Vegas.

When we got there an older gentleman was using the machine. He had a lot of change. His receipt was more than 8 times ours. I called it correctly. He was a Poppy Volunteer. Beth and I looked sheepishly at each other because we forgot to wear our poppies when we went out. Don't forget that it is Remembrance Day tomorrow.

I started reading up on Remembrance Day. It is a statutory holiday for federal employees. Banks are closed for the day as well. It is a holiday in many provinces but not Ontario and Quebec. I don't think we need another holiday just to have a day off but we definitely need to be remembering!!

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Harriett Faulks said...

A coin counting machine is really a big help! Imagine just dropping all your coins and letting the machine do the counting for you. This saves you time and effort from counting coins. And you no longer have to carry it on the bank to have it changed. All you have to take is the receipt from the coin counter. Isn’t that convenient?