Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trial post #2

My first post uploaded very easily.  Now I am working on getting the font the same between the two.

It looks like the font issue is better now.

The cool thing about this program is that I can write without being hooked up to the Internet.  This means that I can write a post while sitting on an airplane and then when I get somewhere with Internet connection the post can be published.

Now I just need to figure out adding in pictures.  Okay, adding in pictures is easy.  Figuring out what size to make the picture is the hard part.

CableCableCable RGB

This is a new pattern coming from Spud & Chloe.

The picture is looking huge while I am writing this but until I see it on the blog I won't know.


helena said...

that's a PERFECT size! maybe even a little small (but i'm of the opinion that pix should be as wide as the blog allows)

Julie said...

Thanks for the comment. I like them big too. If there is a picture and you don't think it is big enough, click on it. It will open in a separate window for you. Click on it again and it will enlarge. Makes seeing the details a bit easier.