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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trial #3

Okay, that picture was huge!!

HeartGile RGB

Let's try again.  Now I have the picture sizing a bit better. Another new pattern that is coming from Spud & Chloe.

I have found the forum from the software producer and am doing a bit of reading.  I figured out how to move the words so that they aren't right against the edge of the picture.

Garth sVest RGB

When I was trying to finish my original post there was a problem getting more than one picture into the post.  Let's see what happens here.

I'm afraid how this is going to look when I hit Send to Blog.  If the pictures are overlapping I am sorry.

The last three posts have been really boring stuff.  I am going to add something interesting.  :)  When Beth and I were young we bowled on Saturday mornings. Back then it was 5 pin bowling.  We tried to explain this to our American friends last week at TNNA but they couldn't grasp the whole 5 pin, small ball thing. Bev finally brought out her iPhone and googled it so they could see how the pins were set up.  When Beth and I were in our late teens we started 10 pin bowling. Yes, we have our own balls and shoes. I will tell you that I was very good at it. I beat Beth almost all the time. I can brag about this because she always beats me on the golf course. We haven't been in a long time but looking at these pictures brings back good memories.

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