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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spud & Chloe

There was a list of To Dos yesterday and I got many of them done when an idea hit me. It is Beth's birthday next week (while we are in Myrtle Beach) and I suddenly knew what I had to get her for her birthday. She loves bubble bath from Lush so I googled Lush and there is a store at Square One. Off I went. There is a Crate and Barrel near Square One. This was my first stop. Unfortunately they had a sale going on. Ouch. Then into the mall. I always forget how big Square One is. I came home with a huge bag of Lush Bubble Bath for Beth.

The last thing on my list was having my nails done. The new OPI colours for spring are very opaque which means it took four coats of polish to get a deep colour that I like. This meant no knitting. I had to make sure that they dried properly so I didn't have marks in them.

Now that the postal strike is over my order of new Spud and Chloe is on its way.
In Sweater there are three new colours.

The School Colours Hoodie in Sweater.
You’ve got spirit; yes you do! Show it off in this top down raglan cardigan, with instructions for both the color-block and striped versions.

In Fine there are also three new colours.

A great pattern for little ones in Fine.
Gloves or mittens, babies or toddlers, striped or stranded, warm up all the little fingers in your family with this one handy pattern!
Susie's Hat Set in Fine. Think of the colour combinations that could be used for this.
Jazz up a basic slouchy hat and scarf set with an easy Fair Isle pattern in the Spud & Chloƫ Fine! The scarf is knit in the round for a simple grab and go accessory with no wrong side.

Surprise-there are three new colours in Outer.

My computer is running out of juice and my nails are dry. The combination means that it is knitting time.  :)

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