Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Mini Messenger

I just called Namaste to get the dimensions of the new bag.  There was no way I could wait until the weekend.

The bag is 13" x 10".  I asked if a laptop will fit and a MacBook will but anything bigger won't.  Lucky for me I have a MacBook.  I think it will be great for traveling and carrying my iPad as well.  Wow-I just talked myself into one.  :)

Mr. Canada Post came in with a box of bags from Offhand Designs.  My last shipment from Larisa.  Very sad but I will get to see her one more time in person this weekend.

Mr. Canada Post also had a box from Mountain Colors. There were a few skeins of Bearfoot sock yarn and then four kits for the cover jacket of knit, Swirl!

Now I have seen all my delivery people today.  Mr. Canpar brought in a box of Snuggly Baby Bamboo and some Sirdar patterns that we were missing and Mr. UPS just came with two huge boxes from Berroco.  The new colours for fall have arrived.  I just sent an email to Berroco to find out when the books will be available.  While I was working on something else an email came through saying that the books are due in Rhode Island around June 15 and then they will be shipped to us.

I have no knitting to report.  I took my work home on Saturday night and it was still in the bag when I left for work this morning.  There won't be any knitting again tonight and then tomorrow night I have to pack. Packing doesn't take long but the laundry that needs to be done before I can pack takes some time.  :)

Did you watch the Bachelorette last night?  She gets warned that he is there to promote himself but she couldn't help herself and fell in love with him.  That was quick. Now she has to fall out of love with him and into love with someone else so she can propose on the last episode. What a train wreck!


purplekatkin said...

I was wondering how much are the kits for the knit swirl jacket???.Very interested in it.

Julie said...

The kits are $250 and there are 3 different colour combinations available.